Elaine Beaute High Porosity Haircare Bundle (Newly Reformulated) Review

High porosity hair can be damaged and dry because of the way it grows. To help hair stay healthy and hydrated, here's why you should be using Elaine Beaute High Porosity Hair products...

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Today’s review is a little bit of a blast from the past. A while ago, I posted a review on Elaine Beaute’s High Porosity Haircare Line. Even back then, I fell in love and was so disappointed with the company founder, Felicia, who announced she would stop making haircare products and focus her attention on skincare products. While my hair was devastated, my skin has never looked so amazing! So, seriously, thank you Felicia for following your passions and creating such amazing all-natural haircare and skincare products.

A few months ago, Felicia announced a funding campaign to start making hair products again so, of course, I donated all I could to make this dream a reality once more.

Fast forward to today, and here I am with all the information you need to know about this heaven-sent trio of products formulated specifically for High Porosity hair

For those that are new to this, High Porosity hair is essentially hair that has been damaged either by chemical/heat styling, your environment, your routine, etc. The outermost layer of your hair strand is known as the Cuticle layer. This layer contains overlapping scales (looks a lot like roof shingles), these scales gently raise and lower to allow moisture in and out of the hair. If the scales on this layer are damaged (a.k.a holes/gaps) moisture retention isn’t possible because the moisture slips out the cracks. You need to use products that contain gentle hydrolyzed protein, hydrating, and sealing ingredients. This overtime will improve the overall health of the hair. Aren’t you lucky Elaine Beaute formulated a line specifically for this hair challenge with the exact ingredients you need!

High Porosity Shampoo

Elaine Beaute’s High Porosity Shampoo thoroughly cleanses without stripping, gifting extreme softness and manageability back to your hair. Formulated with Babassu Oil and Kokum Butter to seal in moisture and Flaxseed Gel for that needed slip. Can use for any texture or density. Safe for color-treated, chemically treated, relaxed, and natural hair

Key Ingredients:

  1. Babassu Oil- Babassu oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that make it great for your skin and hair. It’s also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Fatty acids are essential for hair growth and repairing your hair.”
  2. Peppermint Essential Oil – “an antimicrobial, vasodilating, and anti-inflammatory agent, all reasons that it is reported to boost hair growth and even help to relieve headache pain. Vasodilation, or the expansion of blood vessels, is a significant property of peppermint oil because improving blood flow better delivers essential vitamins that serve as antioxidants and nutrients to the follicles where hair takes root. Restricted flow to the hair follicles can speed hair loss and increasing circulation may help prevent it. A study conducted in 2014 in mice demonstrated that peppermint oils made hair grow faster and thicker because hair follicles were receiving increased blood flow.” 
  3. Soy Lecithin- “Lecithins are emulsifiers that are surface-active and water-loving. These fatty substances are often found in hair and skin products because of their main nutrients: choline and inositol. Choline and inositol are both important for healthy hair growth, as they are part of the B complex vitamins. Lecithin supports and enhances the required amount of protein for hair growth while improving the texture and look of hair by adding shine or luster. Its high concentration of fatty acids creates a barrier on the skin and hair that effectively captures and seals in moisture. This moisturizing benefit makes lecithin perfect for persons suffering from dry, brittle hair. It adds shine, seals in moisture, and restores hair’s natural protective coating often damaged by styling, chemical applications, heat, or environmental changes.”

     First Five Ingredient Breakdown:

  1. African Black Soap-an antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory hair remedy that originates from West Africa, and its popularity is rapidly increasing. 100% natural, and it’s rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, and iron oxides, which have some healing properties. Promotes faster hair growth, The antioxidants found in African black soap help combat the aging of the hair follicles. These antioxidants come from cocoa pods which are rich in methylxanthines and polyphenols. The high oil and glycerin content also make African black soap the ideal cleanser for keeping your scalp and hair clean, soft, and moisturized. African black soap also promotes rapid hair growth by increasing blood circulation of the scalp. A 2001 study done on mice found a connection between blood flow and hair growth. According to the research, promoting blood vessel growth led to a rapid increase in hair volume by up to 70%. The reason is increased blood flow causes better circulation of nutrients and oxygen.”
  2. Coco-Glucoside“works as a natural surfactant, foaming agent, conditioner, and emulsifier. It helps increase the foaming capacity of a solution, so it can be used in place of chemical and toxic surfactants to create the lather we love to wash with, but without the harsh stripping effects and scalp over-drying or irritation. As a nonionic surfactant, it mildly cleanses the skin and hair. In fact, it’s so gentle that it’s often found in baby care products. Coco-Glucoside works by helping water to mix with oil and dirt.”
  3. Flaxseed Gel- “Flaxseed gel helps hair grow faster and longer by providing nourishment to the hair follicles. The presence of vitamin E in flaxseed provides nutrition to the scalp and reduces free radical damage. Flaxseed is rich in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids This can nourish dry damaged hair, and fatty acids have been touted for their ability to provide moisture.
  4. Behentrimonium Methosulfate-also known as BMS, is a quaternary ammonium compound synthetically derived from the oil that comes from rapeseed. Used in conditioners, shampoos, and lotions it also aids in providing extra slip in these products. BMS is also an emulsifier. An emulsifier helps to bind together a product that has water and oil in order to make it into a cream.”
  5. Orbignya Oleifera (Babassu) Oil- see above description 


  My First Impressions:

Very thin runny consistency shampoo, love the twist applicator tip which allows me to focus more product on the areas I feel need more attention due to product build-up. I have very fine density hair which encounters product build-up quickly, especially since I’ve spent the last few days resting (gotta keep this liver in remission!) With all the itchy build-up this low-poo was really put to the test, and I am still wildly impressed!

The moment the shampoo made contact with my soaking wet hair and scalp, the shampoo lathered up so richly and quickly it spread around my greasy feeling scalp. Within seconds of working it in with my fingers, the greasy feeling immediately melted away making my scalp tingle with a deep clean feeling like I just clarified my hair. I loved how thick and moisturizing the foam felt all around my hair, even allowing me to finger detangle my hair during my shampoo session. Paired with a scalp brush, my hair was left feeling spotlessly clean. I only needed one wash as opposed to double cleansing, which I normally do with low-poos.  I did find the moisture rinsed away with the formula leaving my tresses parched and ready for the moisture from the conditioner. 


High Porosity Conditioner

Elaine Beaute’s High Porosity Conditioner is richly formulated with Kokum Butter and Babassu Oil. It will fully nourish and hydrate dry and brittle hair, instantly penetrating the hair shaft restoring manageability, shine, and softness. The reformulation has also added Soy Lechtitin, a strong antioxidant that helps revitalize your hair while boosting and stimulating hair growth. Safe for color-treated, chemically treated, relaxed, and natural hair.


Key Ingredients:

  1. Kokum Butter- Kokum butter is probably best known for its role as a potent emollient, or moisturizing agent. It can be used to improve the moisture content of almost every part of the body, including your skin, lips, feet, scalp, and hair. Unlike other similar types of plant-based butter, kokum butter is not very heavy. It’s absorbed into the skin easily, so you’re not left with a greasy feeling after application.”
  2. Babassu Oil-  see description above
  3. Soy Lechitin- see above description
  4. Peppermint Essential Oil-  see description above

First Five Ingredient Breakdown:

  1. Distilled Water-This process uses evaporation and condensation techniques to remove impurities. When distilled correctly, the water should contain only oxygen and hydrogen molecules, have a pH level of 7 and contain no other minerals, contaminants, or gases. According to Ehow, distilled water is considered purer than deionized water.”
  2. Behentrimonnium-50 conditioning emulsifier for both regular conditioners and leave-ins (this means it keeps the other ingredients from separating in the formulation). BTMS-50 is behentrimonium methosulfate (and) cetyl alcohol (and) butylene glycol, this gives the ability to soften your hair especially beneficial for High Porosity hair.”
  3. Flaxseed Gel- See description above
  4. Orbignya Oleifera (Babassu) Oil  See description above
  5. Garcinia Indica (Kokum) Butter- see description above

First Impressions:

Shampoos naturally lift the scales on the cuticle (outermost layer of the hair strand) allowing for the cleansing of the strand, it’s the canvas to thoroughly moisturize your hair.

Remember you can’t moisturize hair that is already heavy with build-up, it will just add another layer on top of the last.

With the scales on the cuticle lifted, the conditioner can penetrate more deeply and effectively. I loved how lightweight the conditioner feels when you pump it out of the bottle and into the palm of your hair, once you massage your hands together it turns into a thin layer of moisturizing goodness ready to bless your hair. The peppermint essential oil gives an amazing clean tingle while the formula quickly transforms dry brittle hair into silky smooth tresses.

Conditioners naturally work to seal the cuticle to increase shine and moisture retention. Like most conditioners, this conditioner can be used as a deep conditioner or a rinse-out conditioner. For this review, I used it as a deep conditioner by pairing it with my Thermal Haircare Hot Head for 30 minutes. I only used my fingers to apply the product all through my hair, the product was so moisturizing I didn’t even need to use a brush to ensure product application. 


High Porosity Leave-In Conditioner

Elaine Beaute’s High Porosity Leave-In Conditioner will greatly ease the pain of those tough wash days. This perfectly textured leave-in conditioner is enriched with Rice Bran Oil and Kokum Butter. It injects and seals moisture, adds shine, and returns luster back to the hair. Also includes the addition of Soy Lechitin, an antioxidant that fully strengthens and stimulates hair growth. This Leave-In detangles and richly moisturizes leaving your hair feeling silky and smooth. Safe for Color-treated, chemically treated, relaxed, and natural hair.

Key Ingredients:

  1. Rice Bran Oil- “In addition to protecting our hair from sun damage, the ferulic acid and esters present in rice bran oil stimulate hair growth and help to prevent skin aging, according to the Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research. The oil’s ample supply of vitamin E repairs and builds tissues, so when you apply it to your scalp, it can help reduce inflammation and repair damage to the hair follicles, which in turn can enable healthy hair growth. Vitamin E is also said to have anti-aging properties, and its antioxidants such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids have been shown to nourish hair while combatting premature graying.”
  2. Kokum Butter- See description above 
  3. Soy Lechitin- see description above 

First Five Ingredient Breakdown:

  1. Distilled Water- See description above
  2. Flaxseed Gel- See description above
  3. Orbignya Oleifera (Babassu) Oil- see description above
  4. Behentrimonium Methosulfate- see above description
  5. Garcinia Indica (Kokum) Butter-  see description above 

First Impressions:

Another lightweight yet highly moisturizing product! As a long-time fan, I have tried the prior High Porosity Line before their current reformulation, and I must say Brava!

Having fine hair means my hair doesn’t have the space to hold as much moisture as thicker/coarser hair. That’s why for fine density or wavy hair lightweight moisture like this mist is the way to go! I began spraying the formula onto my soaking wet hair immediately after I rinsed out the conditioner, I wanted to lock in as much of the moisture as I could. What I loved was the change in bottle top, the last leave-in had a press down type of applicator making removing the product a little difficult, this new spray bottle type of top made application way easier.

The conditioner came out in this really fine mist, after a few pumps it looked like a marshmallow, not gonna lie really cool! Upon application, it immediately softened my hair and brought my curls back to life! Lots of slip allowed me to style with my finger-coils for a more uniform definition. Slip is soo important when it comes to styling, this prevents more tension and damage to the hair. Perfect as a refreshing spray. Also has a very tingly and refreshing peppermint sensation and aroma!

For extra hold, I decided to pair this leave-in with my equally lightweight Inahsi Naturals Define & Shine Liquid Styling Gel  (Discount code: REDCARPETCURLS). 


Honestly, I didn’t think you could improve any more on the original formulation, but I pleasantly stand corrected! Much lighter feeling products make this bundle perfect for all high porosity hair (fine density or coarse/thick density)!

Make sure to follow Elaine Beaute on Instagram to get updates on when you can get your hands on your very own bundle! My low-porosity ladies and gents, don’t fret, you have your own line too!

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