Welcome to Red Carpet Curls!Welcome to the world of natural hair care! Let me teach you all about the science behind managing and maintaining your textured tresses.
The Benefits of a Scalp Brush for Healthy HairScalp brushes are a very beneficial tool for healthy hair growth. They are used to help remove dead skin cells, which is what causes dandruff. It also helps remove sebum and other unwanted oils from the scalp. The result? Healthy hair that is less prone to breakage.Click HereMiribel Naturals Product Line ReviewA Clean/All-Natural brand designed to repair, transform, nurture, protect and grow naturally textured hair.Click Here5 Tips for Frizzy Hair (Waves, Curls, Coils, Etc)Frizz is your hair physically telling you it is dehydrated. Check out these five tips to make sure you quench frizz for beautiful results each time.Click HereWhat is the Curly Girl Method?The curly girl method is a set of guidelines on the proper maintenance for naturally textured hair. Naturally, textured hair is all hair that is not straight (wavy, curly, coily, kinky). With this method, you will learn to stop damaging habits such as using heat styling tool and using bad ingredients like sulfates, in an effort to improve the overall health and definition of your natural texture.Click HereWhy Your Curly Hair Needs ProteinWhether you have damaged hair, healthy hair, low porosity hair, or virgin hair, we all need protein.Click HereCurly Girl Method- Ingredients to AvoidThe curly girl method is all about avoiding the ingredients that hinder curl restoration. Here is a detailed breakdown of what ingredients to avoid on the method and why!Click HereHow to Start the Curly Girl MethodHere are five easy steps (including video tutorials) showing you how to start the Curly Girl Method the right way!Click HereCurly Girl Method: What is Pre-Poo and Why You Should Be Doing It?Pre-poo is a perfect extra step to your wash day routine to ensure perfectly defined frizz free curls.Click HereThe Ultimate Guide to Curly Girl Method ShampooThe Ultimate Guide to Curly Girl Method Shampoo is here! Understanding how these different shampoo ingredients affect your natural hair is a huge factor in knowing how to effectively use the Curly Girl Method!Click HereItchy M’s: What Are They And How To Spot Them?The Itchy M’s are a common issue when adjusting to the curly girl method. So what exactly are they – and how can we prevent them (if at all) and treat them?Click Here7 Tips for High Porosity HairHow to Repair Hair: A Detailed Guide for High Porosity Hair. You too can have healthy hair, even if it’s high porosity.Click HereElaine Beaute High Porosity Haircare Bundle (Reformulated) ReviewHigh porosity hair can be damaged and dry because of the way it grows. To help hair stay healthy and hydrated, here’s why you should be using Elaine Beaute High Porosity Hair products…Click HereWhat is Hair Porosity? The Science You Need to Know For Frizz-Free Definition!What is porosity and why is it so important to your Curly Girl Method Journey? Find out here!Click HereCurly Girl Method Approved Shopping List: Suave Hair ProductsLooking to follow a budget-friendly Curly Girl Method routine and wondering which Suave products are safe to use? Why waste anymore time than you have in the hair care aisle? Find out which products are CGM approved here.Click Here

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