Which Suave Products Are Curly Girl Method Approved?

Looking to follow a budget-friendly Curly Girl Method routine and wondering which Suave products are safe to use? Why waste anymore time than you have in the hair care aisle? Find out which products are CGM approved here.
My Beautiful #RedCarpetCurlsRoyalty, Shopping for products in big box stores such as Target and Walmart can be overwhelming with so many options. It can be especially confusing when you are new to the Curly Girl Method and reading ingredient labels. All products listed  follows the basic core principles of the Curly Girl Method. Absolutely no sulfates, silicones, and parabens. Disclaimer: As of May 2020, these are the current Suave products considered to be CGM approved. Please remember supplies vary throughout different stores. As well as product re-formulations happen, so always do a final labels check. Please remember just because these products do not the three types of ingredients listed above does not mean these products are the most natural. You can still experience itchy scalp due to the Itchy M’s found in many of the conditioners. If you want completely all-natural and organic problems, you will have to look for that online from smaller mom-and-pop shops as opposed to big box stores. If you want more information on how to spot bad ingredients on product labels, please click here.


I consider cleansing one of the most important steps in your entire CGM routine, I would not recommend this shampoo as your exclusive shampoo, but for a weekly wash it should do. I would suggest smaller, all-natural brands like Tailored Beauty, Veracious Curls, or Inahsi Naturals.


Remember  that rinse-out conditioners are incredibly versatile. They can be used as a rinse-out conditioner (to seal in the moisture in your hair by sealing the cuticle). They can also be used as a co-wash since most conditioners contain cationic surfactants which are used to gently cleanse (similar to a low-poo). These conditioners can also be used as a “deep conditioner” if you run out of your normal deep conditioner. Simply leave it on for 20-30 minutes, adding heat greatly helps this process as well.

Children’s Products:

You do not have to specifically use products marketed toward children on your children. A regular conditioner and water will work fine. If you want to keep it even more all-natural you can try aloe vera juice and water in a spray bottle,that will work as a natural leave in conditioner and refresh spray.    Did I miss any? Comment them below so I can add it to the list! Thank you in advance for your contribution!
Queen Monroe

Queen Monroe

Curly Girl Method enthusiast and educator. I have been on my own CGM journey for a bit over three years now. I take a scientific approach to the Curly Girl Method. I believe by learning Trichology (the study of hair and scalp) you can better understand your hair's needs and behaviors. This will help when you need to learn ingredients to read product labels. I research and write each and every article in this site. The information used and referenced on this website come from open access, peer-reviewed journal articles from publications such as the Journal of Cosmetic Science and the International Journal of Trichology.

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