Red Carpet Curls is an educational website focusing on the curly girl method for both skincare and haircare. We take a scientific approach to the method to help you understand how your hair and skin function.


Skincare Section: in this section you will find articles
and videos to guide you on applying the curly girl
method principles to your skincare routine. Since there
isnt a concrete curly girl method for skincare most of
this is very individualized. Use what you feel comfortable
with as long as the products are free of sulfates,
silicones, and parabens. Similar to the haircare
section, I will be sharing information for all skin types.


Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Invigorating Shampoo and Conditioner Set Review

The secret to beautiful, airy-light, frizz-free curls? Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Invigorating Shampoo & Conditioner Set!

May 6, 2020


The Ultimate Cure for Frizz and Refreshes: Aloe Vera Juice Revitalizer

Struggling with frizz or dry/itchy/flaky scalp? Is your hair lacking in the shine department? This aloe vera juice revitalizer is just what you need to bring your curls from boring to draw-dropping in one easy spray! Get all the science you need to know!

January 9, 2020


Did Lorraine Massey Just Say Oils are Terrible For Your Hair??? Get the FACTS You Need to Know!

In Early October 2018, Lorraine Massey released a video about oil that sparked a major debate in the curly community. Find out everything you need to know.

January 3, 2020


The Science and Benefits of Amino Acids for Your Hair & Skincare (Including Recipe)

Amino Acids are the perfect solution to your frizzy hair days! Find out how I never do protein treatments but still keep the perfect balance by utilizing amino acids.

October 30, 2019


Bentonite Clay Hair Mask: The Science Behind The Ultimate Clarifying Treatment

Looking for an all-natural clarifying treatment stronger than sulfate-free clarifying shampoos? Bentonite clay is highly absorbent and beneficial to our natural hair. Find out everything you need to know!

September 29, 2019


Red Carpet Curls Weekly FaceBook Live Sessions Return!

These live sessions are my opportunity to spend more time with my fellow sisters, and your opportunity to pick my science-filled CGM Brain.

September 4, 2019