Why Your Curly Hair Needs Satin Accessories

Frizz is the enemy of curly hair. Satin is a frizz-free way of making your curls look good and stay that way.

Naturally Textured Hair (all hair with some kind of texture -waves, curls, coils, etc.) is often characterized as frizzy, dehydrated, undefined chaos. 

This is because many of us who are blessed with Naturally Textured Hair come into this world not knowing how to properly care for their natural texture.

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The right Natural Hair Routine will allow you to enhance your natural texture.

You can have the best washday routine in the world, but all that fantastic work can and will be undone during your slumber? 

That’s right, your cotton sheets and pillowcases are causing damage and excessive frizz to your strands, and I can prove it through science.

Cotton fibers (which are negatively charged) suck out the natural oil/moisture in your hair strands. The more moisture removed from your negatively charged hair strands, leaves the hair brittle and susceptible to split ends and breakage. 

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Naturally Textured Hair is always at a moisture disadvantage to start with, this is because the natural oil (known as Sebum) created by your scalp/skin does not have enough time to work its way down the hair strands.

This is because your texture slows down the traveling speed of the oil. The Sebum has to slow down and try to make its way around every bend and curve that otherwise is not present in straight hair. This means it will take a much longer time to properly moisturize the hair leaving it dry and vulnerable. 

If you subject your delicate strands to the abuse of cotton, the little moisture you do have will be removed causing friction between strands, creating a static charge, causing tangles. This will lead to excessive frizz and in worst cases damage such as split ends and breakage. 

Satin protects your natural texture by gliding off the strands preventing friction and damage. Say goodbye to headaches because your hair isn’t pulled back anymore. Satin smoothes frizzy hair and minimizes static allowing you to truly enjoy your beauty sleep without having to sacrifice comfort. 

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Satin allows you to retain the moisture from your washday and beyond by acting as a barrier between absorbing fabrics like cotton. The more moisture your hair is able to retain, the healthier your hair will become, increasing its natural sheen, and increasing length retention.

Satin is also one of the best materials for your skin pores, allowing them to breath throughout the night reducing the chance of acne. If you are prone to dry skin, switching to satin accessories will be a huge help. 

When it comes to satin accessories, I never go to sleep without satin pillowcases. This is my failsafe in case my bonnet slips off. 

Here are my top three recommendations for Satin Accessories:

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  3. Scrunch It (Discount Code- REDCARPETCURLS)

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