Red Carpet Curls Reviews: That’s That Magic Body and Hair Oil

That's That Magic is a handmade moisturizing body and hair oil made from natural oils and fragrances including coconut oil, shea nut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil. Perfect for all skin and hair types.

Any true fans of Red Carpet Curls know my obsession when it comes to oils. They are just so versatile and beneficial. I would much rather use oil over a more extended period to care for skin issues than to use the over-the-counter silicone-filled lotions or even the medicated creams. With those alternatives, there are always side effects. The oil absorbs into the skin treats many skin issues from underlying dehydration to also helping fade years of acne scars.

One of my absolute favorite oils to use on my body and hair is That’s That Magic.

What is That’s That Magic? That’s That Magic is a handmade moisturizing body and hair oil made from natural oils and fragrances including coconut oil, shea nut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil. Perfect for all skin and hair types. I have been using this oil for almost a year now. I am a walking testimony of the versatility of this fantastic product. For $23 for one bottle or $42 for two bottles, you honestly can’t go wrong. Each bottle is about eight ounces of what I call pure tropical paradise.

The smell will instantly transport you to a much less stressful place than our current life. Trust me; no one knows stress like the Queen.

How can you incorporate this oil into your natural hair and skin routines? What’s terrific about this oil is its versatility. This moisturizing hair and body oil can be used as a:

skin moisturizer shaving oil makeup remover moisturizer to relieve cracked heels hot oil treatments SOTC – Scrunch out the Gel Cast sealing the hair pre-poo scalp oil eczema and psoriasis relief sunburn relief natural deodorant add to DIY face masks (such as turmeric and honey mask or bentonite clay mask)

What’s the Queen’s favorite way of using That’s That Magic Oil? My absolute way to use this oil is on Saturday Nights for my relaxing “me” time. Life gets stressful, and that takes a significant toll on our hair and skin. So Saturday night’s are my night, to focus on my beauty routine and relax. I fill up the bathtub with bubbles, and a cup of Epsom salt with a few pumps of That’s That Magic oil mixed inside of the salts.

Not only does the tropical scent fill the bathroom quickly but the oil moisturizes my skin and relaxes me while I lay there with a face mask on reading Michelle Obama’s book on my Kindle. I like to light scented candles and put violin or soft jazz playing in the background to take in the relaxing moment.

What is in That’s That Magic Oil? If you don’t already know, Red Carpet Curls only reviews Curly Girl Method approved products. This means this oil is free of: Sulfates Silicones Parabens Mineral Oil/ Petroleum Waxes Drying Alcohols

Not only does Red Carpet Curls review and promote curly girl method approved products, but the products also have to be all natural/organic and from smaller companies, to help bring them into the spotlight and support those who need our business more and genuinely care about our needs most. That’s That Magic is made up of organic oils including shea nut oil, fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, and avocado oil, along with a few drops of fragrance oils to give it light tropical scent. For Full ingredients, please contact That’s That Magic directly.

What are some benefits of the ingredients in the oil? Shea Nut Oil: rich in Vitamin E, rich in fatty acids and minerals, strengthens your hair to improve hair growth Jojoba Oil: reduce inflammation, prevents acne, soothes sunburn, rejuvenates the skin, eliminates dandruff, fights free radical damage, boost the immune system, and speed up the healing process Fractionated Coconut Oil(a fraction of coconut oil where the other fatty acids are separated from the oil for different uses): skin hydrating agent, has mild antibacterial properties, great natural shaving lotion Almond Oil: hypoallergenic, antioxidative properties, sweet almond oil is known for protecting skin against UV radiation damage and keeping skin soft and supple, reduces dark circles under eyes, Avocado Oil: small enough to penetrate to hair’s cortex (innermost layer) to moisturize from within, contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, improves nail health If you are interested in further reading (including medical study links), please click here.

What are some Red Carpet Curls final tips when using That’s That Magic? When using this oil for your hair, please remember less is more (if only using it for scalp massages and sealing the hair). Half a pump always works for my fine 3a/3b high porosity curls. I love pouring this oil into a one-ounce essential oil darkened bottle. I use the dropper to put five drops onto my fingertips (one drop per fingertip), massage my fingers together, and begin to massage the scalp gently. In the beginning, I found the bottle gave too much oil, and my roots would, as a result, become greasy. When using this oil for hot oil treatments, pour the amount of oil you are going to use into a glass container and put it in a pot of boiling water or even the microwave for a few seconds. Please remember when heating the oil do not heat the plastic bottle the oil comes in. It is best to use a glass container. I usually pour the oil in a small glass bowl before putting it in the boiling hot pot of water to heat up. I then use a funnel and pour it into a plastic applicator tip bottle for more natural distribution. When using That’s That Magic for facial masks, I usually use about 1-2 pumps in the masks. You don’t want to make the mask overly oily. That can prove to be disastrous for acne prone skin like mine. When using That’s That Magic in bubble baths, make sure to add the oil to the Epsom salt cup. I squeeze a few pumps into the center of the Epsom salt cup and mix with my finger before adding the Epsom salt to the bubble bath. This will help the oil blend into your bath water instead of just sitting on top and immediately making your tub oily.

My final tip is going to be on product application: Scalp massages: one drop of oil per fingertip is enough, make sure to push fingers UNDER the hair to massage the scalp directly. SOTC/ Sealing hair: adding 3-5 drops to the middle of your palm should be enough to coat the hair strands but not weigh them down (of course measurements vary per person). Once the oil is in your palms, massage your hands together and begin scrunching in an upwards motion to remove the gel cast and allow the oil to coat and seal the strands. Hot Oil Treatments/Pre-poo: This is the one time I am ever going to tell you to use as much oil as your heart desires because you are going to shampoo it out once you get to the shower. I like to use the applicator bottle to target the areas on my scalp that flake the most. Make sure as you apply the oil to your scalp first, that you are massaging it in. Before applying the oil to my hair, I like to use my Q-renew hair steamer to hydrate my hair and detangle it. That helps me to utilize the raking method when applying the oil to my hair. I found that the raking method helped me efficiently distribute the oil to every inch of my hair.

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