Elaine Hair & Body High Porosity Line Review

Elaine Hair & Body High Porosity Line has the perfect blend of natural moisturizers, oil, and butter to keep high porosity hair well moisturized and frizz-free.

My Beautiful #RedCarpetCurlsRoyalty,

Elaine Hair & Body is just one of those companies I found too late in life. As of January 2020, Elaine Hair & Body has gone out of business for the foreseeable future. I completely understand the founder’s choice of spending more time with her family. But Lord, why did I have to discover these awesome products and only be able to buy one set in this current life of mine? Why? Why do good people have to suffer like this?!

Okay… I think I’ve got all the frustration out of my system. It’s just so insane! To find an amazing black-owned, plant-based, all-natural hair care line, a true hidden gem just sitting there. It’s like the heavens are punishing me for having slept on this amazing company. Well either that or you know, take the whole responsible adult road here and accept I was a bit careless with money at the beginning of my journey by purchasing the entire DevaCurl line. Yes, yes, I know, HUGE mistake! But, we learn from our mistakes!

I stumbled upon Elaine Hair & Body products on Instagram, but just never had the extra money to try the products. I was able to make the sacrifice and purchase the remaining supply of the high porosity line. One of my favorite curly hair influencers @curliegirlie143 told me I would fall in love with them and be disappointed when I ran out and there was no way to refill. Man, was she right…

High Porosity Deep Conditioner

Honestly, I have to rethink my washday line up for the next few weeks, I am already halfway through this tub of deep conditioner and I am so elated with the result, but at the same time so depressed it’s running low!

When I look at a product, the only thing that matters to me is the ingredients. Even though I adore the fluffy, light marshmallow consistency, which I suspect is from the Bentonite Clay present in the formula. Brands, fragrances, and influencer reviews do not matter to me, nor should they be your first priority either. The ingredients of the formulation are what you are actually paying for so, let’s take a look at the ingredients and benefits in this deep conditioner.

What makes this deep conditioner perfect for high porosity hair is the fact that moisture, protein, and emollients’ needs are all met with this formula. This will moisturize, heal, and seal the hair cuticle. Giving you beautiful definition, shine, and volume.

The first five ingredients of any product are what roughly 80% of the product is truly made of. So, when we look at this product:

  1. Distilled Water-  according to Naturally Curly‘s website, This process uses evaporation and condensation techniques to remove impurities. When distilled correctly, the water should contain only oxygen and hydrogen molecules, have a pH level of 7 and contain no other minerals, contaminants, or gases. According to Ehow, distilled water is considered purer than deionized water.
  2. BTMS-50 – According to CurlyTea.com, it’s an emulsifier for conditioners (which means this ingredient keeps all the other ingredients from separating in the conditioner). BTMS-50’s INCI is Behentrimonium Methosulfate (and) Cetyl Alcohol (and) Butylene Glycol.  This gives this ingredient the ability to soften your hair. High porosity hair is often rough because it is dry. This ingredient is going to help give that silky soft result.
  3. Shea Butter – Like mango and cocoa butter, shea butter is considered an emollient. Meaning it forms a protective invisible barrier around the hair strand, similar to silicone, to keep hair moisturized for longer periods of time. Shea butter is very moisturizing for the skin, so it will moisturize the scalp and hair follicles to prevent dandruff and encourage hair growth.
  4. Cocoa Butter – Cocoa butter contains triglycerides consisting mainly of oleic, stearic and palmitic acids, and about three-quarters of the fats are present as mono-unsaturates. These are good fatty acids that easily penetrate the hair strand to the deepest layer of the hair strand, to help heal it promoting healthier hair over time.
  5. Flaxseed Gel – improves elasticity in the hair, adds shine, and encourages hair growth over time with its healthy dose of Omega-3’s (fatty acids).

Moisture, protein, and emollients, the perfect recipe to heal damaged high porosity hair, and transform it into beautiful, healthy, shiny hair.

High Porosity Conditioner

The rinse-out conditioner in this line contains the same exact ingredients as the deep conditioner, so you are going to get the same benefits. The only real difference in ingredients is the fact that that rinse-out conditioner doesn’t contain Bentonite Clay like the deep conditioner does. So, the rinse-out conditioner does not have the same light fluffy consistency the deep conditioner does, instead, it has a heavier cream-like feel, but delivers great shine and moisture.

The thick consistency of the formula is the perfect product to add a few drops of protein to because it mixes well. This will help both products penetrate more quickly and effectively.

High Porosity Leave-In Conditioner

This leave-in conditioner is no ordinary leave-in. Normally, a leave-in conditioner differs from a rinse-out conditioner by being lighter. A rinse-out conditioner might be better to close the scales on the cuticle, allowing for hair to be sealed, keeping moisture for longer periods of time. This leave-in has the same exact ingredients and consistency as the regular rinse-out conditioner. The only difference is the bottle. If I were able to re-purchase this set, I would veto the rinse-out conditioner, since it is practically the same thing, and just skip straight to styling with the leave-in.

This leave-in is heavy so less is more especially for fine and wavy hair. The formula provides a lot of slip, so, it is one of my go-to’s whenever I want to do finger coils for a more uniform definition. I love to pair this leave-in with a gel like the Tailored Beauty Perfect Coils Curling Jelly or the Hydratherma Naturals Botanical Defining Gel.

I know whenever I use this leave-in I will have beautifully defined and shiny curls for the next 2-3 days.

High Porosity Hair Moisturizer

A thicker consistency formula as compared to the deep conditioner and rinse out conditioner. Similar to the leave-in conditioner this formula is much more thick, so less is definitely more. Especially considering this product contains shea butter.

Shea butter has fantastic moisturizing properties, as we discussed earlier,  for both the hair and scalp. Shea butter has the ability to moisturize and heal the scalp as well as healing inflammation in the scalp or hair follicles (Goreja 7). Shea butter also has fatty acids in it making it perfect to penetrate the hair strand to the deepest layers to ensure the entire strand is properly moisturized and nourished for beautifully frizz-free curls.

Personally, I think the shea butter and castor oil are the main ingredients in this product that make it so beneficial for high porosity hair. The issue with high porosity hair is that the outermost layer, known as the cuticle layer, has encountered so much damage the scales do not properly close anymore to seal in any newly acquired moisture. As a result, moisture is leaked through the cracks and holes in the cuticle, resulting in dry and brittle hair, and in most cases, frizz.

Shea butter can be a bit heavy, but when used in the appropriate amounts (pea-sized amounts for fine or wavy hair), not only does it moisturize the hair properly, it seals in the moisture for longer periods of time to allow hair to stay moisturized and produce a radiant shine.

Black castor oil is a sealing oil, which means it creates an extra barrier on the outside of the hair strand to seal moisture in as well. This is perfect for moisturizing and sealing high porosity hair.

I love to use this moisturizer on refresh days because it’s a bit heavier than a leave-in. It has the same exact ingredients as the conditioner and leaves in. So, my hair, no matter how windy and cold outside, stays moisturized all day long. My hair is always left silky smooth and shiny.

I even add a few drops of protein every now and then when my hair needs a little bit of a structural boost so I can keep my protein/moisture balance. I’m so upset to have discovered this amazing product so late but at least now I know how great it is, and how little of the product I need, I make sure to use every single drop. Paired with a great gel, it gives beautiful wash day results. I found the most successful pairing this with the Hydratherma Naturals Botanical Defining Gel. 

This product also contains soy lecithin which is a gentle protein made from soy, which is similar to the gentle ability of Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids. The function is to provide a bit more moisture, shine, and structure.

Fragrance: Shea Butter – for some odd reason always reminded me of a pleasant memory of stepping into an art classroom.

Final Words From Queen Monroe

As I began the review, I am so saddened at the fact that I discovered this line so late in the game. Or should I say I was finally able to purchase the line?

This line is so moisturizing and truly does seal in the moisture, as a result, my wash n go’s are extended by at least another two days! Magical, in my book.

Currently, there’s a little buzz about Elaine Hair & Body possibly doing a rebrand! Make sure to check out the Elaine Hair & Body Instagram to interact and help get these awesome products back in production! If it’s true, I’ll be one of the firsts to re-stock on this product line and you should too!

Don’t worry my low porosity queens and kings, you have your own unique line in the brand as well!

If you have any other questions about these products just let me know in the comments below!

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