Red Carpet Curls Reviews: Inahsi Naturals

"You without compromise. We are passionate about making quality Hair Care products, that incorporate natural ingredients, allowing you to fully embrace the natural you from head to toe. Whatever the texture of your hair, our products, which are as diverse as the people who use them, were created to showcase, enhance, and highlight the best you that you can be."

My beautiful #RedCarpetCurlsRoyalty,

Today’s in-depth review is one, I have been super anxious to share with you all since it is one of my absolute favorite all-natural, Curly Girl Method Approved Brands to use for my fine, high porosity, 3a/3b curls.

Today’s in-depth review will be on Inahsi Naturals.

What are Inahsi Naturals?

Inahsi naturals is a small “mom-and-pop” all-natural haircare brand focused on creating natural products specifically for your naturally curly hair. Whether loose wavy curls or tightly coiled,color-treated, straightened with heat, teased, transitioning with protective styles, braids, and/or weaves, or relaxed.

Inahsi Naturals Products add and maintain moisture, control frizz, detangle and improves manageability. They use ingredients that promote length retention and prevent breakage and promote overall healthy hair. The building blocks of our great products…great ingredients, that are free of parabens, silicones, sulfates, and other harmful additives. Inahsi Naturals products are also cruelty-free and vegan, as we do not promote or use ingredients that have been tested on animals. Nor do we use ingredients derived from animals.

What is Inahsi Natural’s Philosophy?

You without compromise. This is why we do what we do. We are passionate about making quality hair care products, that incorporate natural ingredients, allowing you to fully embrace the natural you from head to toe. Whatever the texture of your hair, our products, which are as diverse as the people who use them, were created to showcase, enhance, and highlight the best you that you can be. Every product we make has been formulated and created with this goal in mind.”

Who Created Inahsi Naturals?

Inahsi Naturals was created by Chemist Rhonda Marshall.

As a Chemist, Educator, and Naturalista, and Founder Rhonda Marshall brings a truly unique perspective to all that they do at Inahsi. Rhonda saw a clear consumer need and personal passion to take better care of her naturally curly hair. Her curls were something she was proud of and she felt distinguished by her personality.

After years of using relaxers and other chemical-laden products, and high heat styling methods that damaged her hair in an attempt to modify her natural curl pattern, she felt there had to be a better way.

Finally, after transitioning away from chemically processed hair in 2001, Rhonda eventually developed her own hair products incorporating natural ingredients that were especially effective for naturally curly hair textures. With this experience not only as a Chemist but also as a customer, Rhonda developed what would eventually be the Inahsi Naturals product line.

Rhonda has directly relevant experience in the Haircare and Personal care products business. While working at a major manufacturer of cosmetic and personal care products, Rhonda participated in projects developing Suave Shampoos and Conditioners as well as the first Clear Stick deodorant (Degree).

After earning a Masters’s Degree in Education she has also worked as a Secondary Educator teaching Chemistry and Science. With 20 years of experience in Product Development as a Design Engineer, Engineering Manager, as well as an MBA, husband, and partner Brian Marshall has helped to move Inahsi Naturals from a kitchen operation to a consistently manufactured product line. Years of experience designing and producing products for a variety of brands including Kenmore, GE, Whirlpool and many others have directly contributed to successful management of manufacturing, fulfillment, and marketing resources that have made the Inahsi Natural’s product line a success.

So Why Should You Choose to Invest Your Money in Inahsi Naturals Products?

So why choose Inahsi? Because they understand our journey. They’ve walked it…They’ve talked it…They’ve lived it. They are passionate in their belief that your beauty does not have to conform to anyone’s standard but your own…and we have created products to help you realize your vision of the best you that you can be. Thank you for your business, thank you for your support, thank you for using Inahsi Naturals.

Now, Let’s get into my official review of their product line starting with the Soothing Mint Sulfate-Free Clarifying Shampoo.

Soothing Mint Sulfate-Free Clarifying Shampoo:

This Sulfate-Free Clarifying Cleanser is my EXCLUSIVE clarifying shampoo. I don’t suffer from build-up often since I go pretty light with my product application since I have fine hair, but when I do suffer from product build-up there is only one clarifying shampoo I trust to get the job done without completely stripping my hair of all of its moisture.

Build-up occurs when your hair is overloaded with products. You may say to yourself, “How could I experience build-up I cowash my hair or use shampoo weekly?” Well, here’s the thing about shampoos. They are of different strengths. Clarifying shampoos are the heavy-duty shampoos you use at least once a month to remove all build-up from not only your hair styling products, but your conditioners, and your own sebum!

These things build-up in the hair over time causing it to feel weighed down and look frizzy. It may also look and feel dry and brittle because since products are building up in your hair your cowash and gentle cleansing shampoos just aren’t strong enough to remove the layers of build-up which would allow your cleanser to work more effectively.

When this happens you need a clarifying shampoo. This will be the only shampoo strong enough to remove build-up. Co-washes leave a flexible film on the hair in order to deposit moisture into the hair. Gentle cleansing shampoos contain gentler surfactants (or detergents) which cannot work to clear all of that.

When looking for a clarifying shampoo look for Anionic Surfactants (detergents strong enough to remove build-up these group includes sulfates and non-sulfate options. One of my favorite clarifying ingredients to look for (and is included in this particular clarifying shampoo) is:

  • C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate 

Now I know this may LOOK like a sulfate but it is not. It is an Anionic surfactant capable of removing all build-up. If you need more information on the differences between shampoos including the science behind them and what to look for on labels, please click here.

The Inhasi Naturals Soothing Mint Clarifying Shampoo gives me such a happy clarifying experience. I think that is why I have never felt the need to switch to another. This shampoo gives an amazing, cool peppermint tingle and fragrance as you spread the shampoo throughout your hair. It quickly begins to foam up the moment you apply it to wet hair.

Mango Hemp Restorative Deep Conditioning Masque

Once your hair is properly cleansed, it’s time to add some moisture back into those parched tresses. The Inahsi Natural Mango Hemp Restorative Deep Conditioning Masque was formulated to restore, protect, and strengthen your tresses to promote overall healthy hair.

It is the perfect deep conditioner for those newly transitioning from chemically treating your hair to more natural hair care. This richly thick masque is enriched with ceramides, such as Hemp oil, that will help hair retain moisture, restore hair’s balance and help to minimize the effects of daily wear and tear. The silk amino acids will strengthen your hair and restore protein loss due to damage.

One thing you must remember when transitioning from chemical damage to natural haircare is that your hair needs time to recover from the years of abuse we have put it through. Moisture is essential but protein is as well. You need to keep a balance. Silk amino acids are much smaller than regular protein. Essentially amino acids are protein building blocks, they are small enough to penetrate the hair strand all the way to the innermost layer, also known as the Cortex. Most protein products are only able to penetrate to the cuticle layer to help fill the gaps because of our porosity and slowly attempt to lay down all the scales of the cuticle (this is what causes frizz). This deep conditioning masque not only works to moisturize the hair increasing its elasticity and shine but the silk amino acids also work to slowly strengthen the hair from within, helping heal the damage more quickly.

I like to use the BMC Method of sectioning (demonstration in Inahsi Wash Day Tutorial Video)  help me apply the deep conditioner to smaller sections of my hair so I can really focus on my product application. This helps me use less product and really focus on saturating every single curl in the gloriousness that is this deep conditioning formula.

Once rinsed out it always leaves my hair silky soft and ready for the soothing mint moisturizing conditioner.

Soothing Mint Moisturizing Conditioner

Ah, the conditioner that changed the game for me. I’ll tell you right now, with research comes wisdom and I haven’t always had all the answers. I never was a fan of rinse out conditioner. I always found it to be so redundant. “I already deep conditioner isn’t that enough?” Haha, poor young Adrienne. No. Deep Conditioners are not enough.

In order, for you to understand let’s jump into the scientific difference between deep conditioners and rinse out conditioners. Deep conditioners are considered Intensive treatments. They are meant to be left on the hair for longer periods of time (10-30 mins) whereas daily rinse out conditioners (also known as Instant Conditioners) are meant to be left on for 3-5 minutes.

The biggest difference between deep conditioners and rinse out conditioners is that deep conditioners are formulated to penetrate to the deepest layer of the hair in order to improve the overall health and vitality of hair. Whereas a daily rinse-out conditioner is formulated to penetrate the cuticle only. The cuticle is the focus because frizz stems from the scales on your cuticle rising up, releasing the moisture in your hair leaving it dry, brittle and frizzy. A rinse-out conditioner is formulated to moisturize and seal the cuticle to avoid frizz. Once the cuticle is sealed light molecules are able to be reflected off the scale and produce the shine we all know. If you would like further information on the differences between deep conditioners and rinse out conditioners including Journal articles for further reading, please click here.

Can you believe I only discovered this information after looking at the bottle of my Inahsi Naturals Soothing Mint Moisturizing Conditioner? The thought popped into my head like, “Hm…what’s the difference?” Once I discovered the truth, this soothing mint conditioner definitely delivered on its promise.

The slip (how easily it spreads through my hair)  in this conditioner is amazing! Very easy to apply, the nice peppermint fragrance gives a nice tingle if you happen to get some on your scalp (you shouldn’t intentionally apply conditioner to your scalp).

Try to focus the conditioner on the mid-lengths to ends of your hair. Remember this conditioner’s purpose is to quickly moisturize the drier parts of your hair and seal in that moisture to give you gorgeous, moisturized, shiny curls every single time.

This rich creamy moisturizing conditioner is enriched with nutrients that will moisturize, strengthen and leave your hair touchably soft. The cooling sensation of mint will invigorate the senses while stimulating the scalp to promote overall healthy hair.

Aloe Hibiscus Leave-In Conditioner

Considered the BEST if not one of the best leave-in conditioners on the market, and not just by me but as well! The Inahsi Natural Hibiscus Leave-In Conditioner was voted Editor’s Choice 2017 Winner!

This ultra-moisturizing leave-in conditioner moisturizes, strengthens and restores shine which makes this leave-in conditioner a triple threat to parched tresses. The water and aloe moisturize, the panthenol along with the rich oils of avocado and coconut help to strengthen the hair while the ayurvedic herbal blend of hibiscus and marshmallow root not only provides slip for pesky knots but they help to make the hair soft, supple and sleek.

Less is definitely more with this leave-in conditioner. It has a thick consistency so whenever I apply this leave-in to my hair, in sections, I always start with a few pea-sized amounts. I have fine hair so believe me when I say it is incredibly easy to become a bit heavy-handed with your products. This leave-in was one of the first that taught me for fine or wavy hair use pea-sized amounts always. You can always build and add more product but once you overdo it? GAME OVER.

This conditioner always leaves my hair feeling so soft and silky. The slip is amazing, with lots of water in your hair, this cream spreads as quickly and evenly as the butter you spread on your toast every morning. This leave-in always leaves my hair moisturized for at least three days. #TeamNoRefresh

Coconut Avocado Curl Defining Custard

This natural styling custard will leave your curls moisturized, defined and oh so shiny. The panthenol along with the rich oils of avocado and coconut help to strengthen the hair. This curl defining custard provides a light hold without leaving your hair dry or crunchy. It is also great to sleek down edges.

Normally, when it comes to my gel, I don’t play games. The Queen cannot walk around with frizzy hair trying to give anti-frizz advice. Just isn’t good for business.

So, I was skeptical to try this custard out for sure. When it comes to my hair I always look for firm hold gels because when you apply a gel to wet hair, the water is going to dilute the hold. A firm hold will turn into a medium hold, a light hold will turn into nothing.

That’s what scared me about this gel. The description said it will provide a LIGHT hold and well that’s a bit scary for someone who has their regime as down-packed as I do. But good things come to those that trust in the LORD! (Yes, I know I’m a bit overdramatic when it comes to my hair) But GIRL! This custard is the truth, similar to Carmella Marie My Gel – Flaxseed gel it provides a light flexible hold with no frizz! If you need a smidge more hold just use a little hair spray once your hair is all dry.

I will say because of the coconut the formula can be a little lumpy so make sure to massage your hands together with the product before application so you can melt down those lumps for easy application. Once it has dried, it leaves perfect frizz-free, defined, and shiny curls. Well, that’s about it, everyone! I really hope you guys take a chance and try out Inahsi Naturals. Truly are one of my absolute affordable favs! If you aren’t sold, make sure to tune into the Red Carpet Curls Weekly Facebook Live Session on September 12, 2019, when Founder of Inahsi Naturals Rhonda Marshall sits down with me to answer all your CGM question! Get your answers from a real chemist! Science never lies!

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