#RedCarpetCurlsRoyalty Series: Keri-Joe

Learn about the routines, advice and product recommendations from our fellow sisters in this new series called #RedCarpetCurlsRoyalty

My Beautiful #RedCarpetCurlsRoyalty,

Today’s piece is one that truly holds a special place in my heart. When I began Red Carpet Curls, my dream was to create a platform…nay, a home, where we could all come together, fearlessly share our experiences, and grow together in our newly acquired knowledge and sisterhood.

That is why this new series is so important. The further we have come in our sisterhood, the closer we have all become. This truly is a safe space for us to co-exist the way only Queens can.

The #RedCarpetCurlsRoyalty series will showcase a new Queen, her routine, hair type, and advice. I found as we continued our journeys together, that the scientific articles are helpful. But what good is all the info without visual examples of these routines, and examples of the hair repairing and becoming what you always dreamed it could!

If you would like to be featured as the next Queen of the #RedCarpetCurlsRoyalty series make sure to use the #RedCarpetCurlsRoyalty hashtag on social media, so I could see your beautiful result photos and reach out to you to feature you! Or, comment the hashtag (email works too!)  below in the comments section, giving me permission to take a look at your photos, and set up an interview!

Now, that you know how to join in the fun yourself, let’s get to our very first #RedCarpetCurlsRoyalty Queen, Keri-Joe.


Instagram: @_kerijoe

Keri-Joe’s profile is super fun for me since I grew up with the amazing Queen. We both participated in an afterschool program called the East Harlem Tutorial Program. So, we spent our high school years, slowly getting to know each other. But, it wasn’t until we all parted our separate ways, went off to college, started our own businesses and lives, that life found a way to bring us back together.

Once we were off in the real world doing our own things, we found ourselves falling in love with our own hair again, and taking our respective healthy hair journeys. When I started Red Carpet Curls, the support was out of this world, from around the world, all of you, but especially this beautiful Queen here.

We began talking more and more as we shared our routines, our knowledge, and of course product recommendations. A bond began to form, one only true curly sisterhood could form. Not only is she one of the sweetest and most intelligent Queen’s I’ve ever gotten the privilege to get to know, but Keri-Joe’s journey is also awe-inspiring.

The transformation is so apparent even in between progress photos. So, let’s get to the interview so you all can see how amazing this woman truly is!

Q: How long have you been on your healthy hair journey? 

K: I’ve been natural for four years.

Q: What is your Hair Type? (ex: 3a/3b)

K: 3c/4a

Q: How did you get started on the journey? What made you want to change?

K: My journey started when I was in London, the UK visiting my family. I was there for three months and didn’t have any excess to the relaxer I usually used and I didn’t want to use or trust any stylist to do my hair. My only option was to wash and set my hair. Three months have passed and I realized how curly my new growth was and I was so excited. Another reason why I did not want to continue relaxing my hair is being my hair was thinning out so much and I didn’t like how it looked.

Q: What was your hair like during the transition phase?

K: I didn’t do a big chop, so during the transitioning stage half of my hair was curly and the other half had relaxed ends. Also, my hair was super thick and soft.

Q: What were some common mistakes you made along your journey?

K: Using way too much protein, my hair didn’t really need it.

Q: What’s a popular #CGM product/Brand that just doesn’t work for your hair?

K: Eden BodyWorks Hair Masque and Co-Wash

Q: Name something you wish someone would have told you about the journey before you started?

K: One thing I wish someone would have told me was to get to know MY HAIR and once I find what works STICK TO IT! I realized that I was trying out different regimens from influencers, but I never understood or realized why they were using the products in those particular steps.

Q: What are some of your favorite products or brands that work for your hair?

K: As I Am Co-wash, Dollar Curl Club Deluxe Kit, Shea Moisture Deep Conditioners and Rinse-Out Conditioners, Deva Curl.

Q: How does your haircare routine differ from when you first started to now? 

K: When I used to relax my hair, I used to wash my hair every two weeks.

Routine for relaxed hair: wash, deep conditioner for 10-15 min with heat, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, set my hair with rollers and under the dryer for 45min-1 hour 15 mins.

Curly hair routine: wash my hair every 4-7 days. Deep condition for 30-mins to 1hour, wash hair, conditioner, apply leave-in conditioner, cream or butter, oil, add gel if needed, wait about 5-10 hours for my hair to air dry.

Q: What other changes did you start to make in your life once you started your healthy hair journey (Ex: weight loss, skincare journey, etc)

K: I started to take care of my skin. I’m not sure why but then when I started to take interest in my skincare routine, especially for my face.

Q: What differences have you noticed about your hair from starting the method to now?

K: My hair is thicker, and I am so grateful, because that is a key reason why I went through the rough transitioning phase.

Q: Are there any other pieces of fact or general advice you would like to leave our readers with?

K: I know people say this a lot, but find the products that work for you and stick to it. Yes, you can try out new products, but not every product that launches. If you do plan to try out new products look for ingredients in the products that your hair loves/ works for and try out those new products. If it does not work, GIVE IT AWAY or sell it for a discounted price!

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Queen Monroe

Curly Girl Method enthusiast and educator. I have been on my own CGM journey for a bit over three years now. I take a scientific approach to the Curly Girl Method. I believe by learning Trichology (the study of hair and scalp) you can better understand your hair's needs and behaviors. This will help when you need to learn ingredients to read product labels. I research and write each and every article in this site. The information used and referenced on this website come from open access, peer-reviewed journal articles from publications such as the Journal of Cosmetic Science and the International Journal of Trichology.

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