Red Carpet Curls Top 7 Holy Grail CGM Products

Having trouble finding the right products to start your journey? Well, Red Carpet Curls did the work for you! Here are the Top 7 CGM Small Business (Mom-and-Pop brands) Products! We got you covered from shampoo all the way to gel! Some of the best small-business all-natural/organic products on the market!

My Beautiful #RedCarpetCurlsRoyalty,

Today’s article excites me a great deal because it’s a bit different than the normal science-packed articles. The tips I will share with you today in this piece have taken me two-and-a-half years to test and master.

These are the products I’ve come across in my own Curly Girl Method journey and have found the most effective (and more importantly) consistent results.

*For reference, my hair type is fine 3a/3b high porosity curls. I prefer to use small “Mom-and-Pop,” all-natural/organic brands as opposed to the big brands like DevaCurl.

So without further ado, let’s jump into my list:

7. Bemycurl Let’s Get Kinky Hydrating Gel

Ah, my original O.G. holy grail. The Bemycurl Let’s Get Kinky Hydrating Gel. While it hasn’t been on the market long, it’s definitely taking the market by storm. This gel is especially close to my heart because I had the honor and privilege to test different versions of the formula with the founder of the brand, my personal hairstylist, Joseph Boro (Curls on 5th Salon, Flatiron NY).

Before the Bemycurl kit was available to the masses, I was just another client for Joseph. A super dorky, chemistry-obsessed client. After a nice glass of wine, while he dry-cut my hair, Joseph mentioned his idea of starting his own product line. Joseph was one of the original Deva Educators and worked closely with the creator of Deva Curl, Lorraine Massey.

I thought it was an amazing idea and the perfect opportunity to put my chemistry obsession to good use! Over the course of a year-and-a-half, Joseph worked on different formulas and me along with many other clients were the first to try it and give feedback. So, you can thank us for this perfection!

This all-in-one hydrating gel is perfect as a stand-alone product or in addition to a leave-in.  Personally, I love using the gel by itself (in quarter-sized amounts at a time, less is more with this product). This gel is very hydrating. My best tip is to apply to soaking wet hair in sections.  I prefer to use the BMC Method of sectioning, also known as the Bemycurl method.

This gel has phenomenal hold, it normally holds my hairstyles for 3+ days. This gel is perfect as a one-step refresh for those mornings where you are running late for work.

Whenever I am looking for flawless definition over volume, I go with this gel.

Make sure to check out the full review in-depth review on Bemycurl by clicking here.

6. Carmella Marie My Gel- Flaxseed Gel


Yes! Another gel has made my top seven countdowns. That is because it is just THAT.DAMN.GOOD!

With my curl type, (high porosity 3a/3b curls) I prefer gels to lock my curl definition in place and prevent frizz. As a result, this gel has become my new go-to for refresh days especially. It pairs well with a leave-in, but I prefer to use it as a stand-alone product.  It has a really moisturizing milky consistency.

What I love about this gel is the convenience factor. I have been seriously thinking about adding a flaxseed gel into my regime, but from the looks of the how-to videos? That was way too much work, I don’t have nearly enough down-time to play around with making my own. So, here came Carmella Marie for the win!

The creamy eggshell white consistency of the gel, from the moment it touches your hair moisturizes the hair effectively. The gel is full of Omega-3 fatty acids which we all know is essential for healthy hair growth and hair retention. The fatty acids in Omega-3’s reduce inflammation and nourish the hair follicles.

The gel provides a flexible hold which is perfect for refresh days. Paired with water in a spray bottle you will effectively moisturize and preserve your curls. Once my hair dries I notice this gel is the ONLY gel that gives me beautiful definition (without finger coiling) and the volume of my dreams. I mean check out my results from refreshing with only this gel and water. Perfection every time!

Carmella Marie My Gel – Flaxseed Gel doesn’t leave behind any white flakes or leave hair feeling sticky. Hair is always smooth, moisturized, shiny, and gorgeous!

5. Veracious Curls All-Natural Conditioner

Woooo! Hands down my favorite conditioner EVERRR!!!!!!!!!!!

*Ahem* I’m sorry, I get insanely excited when it comes to Veracious Curls products.  Veracious Curls is the perfect example of why I choose to only promote small “Mom and Pop” businesses. Veracious Curls may be a small brand, but their all-natural conditioner is hands down the best I have ever used in my hair. The “slip” (a.k.a How easily the product spreads through my hair upon application) is unmatched by ANY other brand I have tried. I may have close runner-ups but Veracious Curls All-Natural Conditioner will always top my conditioner list at #1.

The all-natural conditioner is infused with organic slippery elm, which improves strength & elasticity of the hair. It’s also known to improve volume, heal dry, dull & damaged hair, soothe the scalp, stimulates hair growth, naturally softens & calms hair. Did I also mention the conditioner protects color-treated hair? You know I cannot live without my cherry red highlights, and we all know how vibrant your color stays all depends on the upkeep!

The milk-like consistency allows for a light application, but don’t let the lightweight formula fool you, it’s uber moisturizing! So, be intentional with your application. Apply to soaking wet hair, less is definitely more when applying to sections.

Make sure to check out the full review on Veracious Curls by clicking here. The end of the article offers you a special discount code offered to followers of Red Carpet Curls!

The discount code is RedCarpetCurls, this code will save you about 10% on your total purchase from the website. Not bad if you ask me!


4. Inahsi Naturals Soothing Mint Sulfate-Free Clarifying Shampoo

Everyone should have a GOOD sulfate-free clarifying shampoo in their hair closet. What? Am I the only one with a hair products closet? Don’t judge me.

Inahsi Naturals was the very first brand I discovered on my own when I first began my Curly Girl Method Journey two-and-a-half years ago. I came across the weekly live sessions hosted by chemist and founder of the brand Rhonda Marshall. For the first year of my journey, I made sure to tune in religiously (just back then I used my personal Instagram handle: @futureoscarwinningscreenwriter). The weekly live sessions were roughly an hour and were on various hair related topics such as five ways to moisturize hair and even the top three causes of frizz. Very informational, definitely check them out on Instagram!

As for this clarifying shampoo, it is my EXCLUSIVE clarifying shampoo. Has been since the beginning of my journey. No other shampoo has given me the same squeaky clean feeling that this shampoo has provided me. I know once I feel the tingling sensation of that amazing peppermint essential oil that my scalp will be clean and my hair will be stripped of all prior products to start fresh.

Build-up is often the cause of excessive frizz and just lackluster curls. That is why clarifying at LEAST 1x a month is crucial for hair health and retention. Build-up can lead to ineffective moisturizing of the curls which inevitably leads to dry, brittle hair and breakage. This cleanser does contain aloe vera, which doesn’t leave hair feeling impossibly dry like when we used to use sulfate filled shampoos before the curly girl method.

Not to mention, the cleanser contains Rosemary oil which helps strengthen hair follicles helping in hair retention. Rosemary oil with consistent use helps prevent hair loss and encourages hair growth thicker and fuller than before you used the oil. Rosemary oil is especially good for brunettes like me!

To learn more about the differences between shampoos including the science behind low poo, no poo, cowash, and more. Please click here for the in-depth article including additional reading.

Click here for the in-depth science-based Youtube Video.

3. That’s That Magic Moisturizing Body and Hair Oil 

In my opinion, a good oil blend should always be included in your hair regime. Carrier oils and Essential oils offer so many various benefits for the hair from hair growth to hair thickening.

One of my absolute favorite oil blends, rounding off the list at my #3 Holy Grail is That’s That Magic Moisturizing Body and Hair Oil. Truly is a little slice of paradise. The oil blend includes oils such as shea nut oil, avocado oil, and even jojoba oil (one of my favs for sealing the hair). It’s super moisturizing so definitely, don’t go overboard!

When using this oil for your hair, please remember less is more (if only using it for scalp massages and sealing the hair). Half a pump always works for my fine 3a/3b high porosity curls. I love pouring this oil into a one-ounce essential oil darkened bottle. I use the dropper to put five drops onto my fingertips (one drop per fingertip), massage my fingers together, and begin to massage the scalp gently. In the beginning, I found the bottle gave too much oil, and my roots would, as a result, become greasy. When using this oil for hot oil treatments, pour the amount of oil, you are going to use into a glass container and put it in a pot of boiling water or even the microwave for a few seconds. Please remember when heating the oil do not heat the plastic bottle the oil comes in. It is best to use a glass container. I usually pour the oil in a small glass bowl before putting it in the boiling hot pot of water to heat up. I then use a funnel and pour it into a plastic applicator tip bottle for more natural distribution. When using That’s That Magic for facial masks, I usually use about 1-2 pumps in the masks. You don’t want to make the mask overly oily. That can prove to be disastrous for acne-prone skin like mine.

Make sure to check out my full review on That’s That Magic Body and Hair Oil for in-depth looks into how I use the oil for my hair, skin, and even bubble baths!

2. Alodia Haircare Nourish & Moisturize Hair Masque

My all-time favorite deep conditioner! Man, I can go on and on about this deep conditioning masque if you let me. So, let’s just give you the highlights.

The Alodia Haircare Nourish & Moisturize Hair Masque contains honey, silk amino acids, avocado, and peppermint oils just to name a few. The all natural-ingredients infuse moisture into the hair to soften dry, brittle, and damaged hair. The silk amino acids are my favorite ingredient in the masque. Silk amino acids are the smallest protein in size, therefore they are able to penetrate the hair strand passed the cuticle, all the way down to the cortex (innermost layer of the hair, most of the weight of the hair is stored in this layer, this layer is the most important to strengthen for healthy hair) of the hair to condition and strengthen from within the strand. Over time this will help the hair heal and repair the damage we have done over the years, and this will help prevent breakage.

Honey is a natural humectant (please click here for the full article on humectants), meaning the honey attracts moisture from the environment and draws it to the hair to keep it moisturized for longer periods of time. Honey also contains antioxidants that help feed the hair follicles to continue to encourage healthy hair growth and retention.

Avocado oil is one of my favorites to use, I would always add it to other deep conditioners. A 2015 Study in the Journal of Trichology revealed avocado oil contains minerals that help seal the hair cuticle which helps in sealing the hair, keeping split ends and breakage at bay. Avocado oil when applied on the scalp will moisturize the scalp and help unclog blocked hair follicles.

Personally, I think this is the best masque anyone could buy, especially during your transition period. When you are just starting the curly girl method, the transition phase can be the worst. Frizz will be inevitable due to the damage we have sustained over our Pre-CGM years. What it needs is a deep conditioner to provide moisture AND strengthening all in one treatment.

This masque definitely delivers gorgeous, soft, repaired, and defined hair every single time! Not to mention super affordable and all-natural.


1. Q-Redew Hair Steamer 

Ah, my number one holy grail, and rightfully so!

The Q-redew Hair Steamer is by far the most important part of my curly girl method journey. While it is on the pricier side, it’s the best investment I ever made, saving me hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars in hair products. The Q-redew is the world’s first specifically designed handheld hair steamer in the world. It is designed to help you quickly refresh any hairstyle, or even reshape, detangle, and much more.

Steam is known to soften the hair strand, helping to raise the cuticle layer to help effectively moisturize the hair strands. This is especially helpful for low porosity hair. Low porosity hair has trouble effectively moisturizing the hair because the cuticle layer is so tightly bound, it makes the hair resistant to moisture and products. By starting your wash day with the Q-redew the steam will soften the cuticle, moisturize the hair with the vapor, and detangle your hair. All of this before you ever even step into the shower to start your wash day routine.

The Q-redew is also incredibly handy during treatments such as deep conditioning and protein treatments. It’s a known fact that some sort of heat added to treatments helps intensify the benefits of the treatment. That is why I love using the Q-redew in a diffuser-like motion when I am deep conditioning to heating up the conditioner so it can effectively moisturize my hair and encourage the curl.

The Q-redew will be a different experience for each hair type.

Type 4 hair can expect to use the steamer to intensify treatments like deep conditioning, providing an alternative to the hooded dryer or hooded hair steamer which can be pricey. This steamer also takes away the need for spray bottles to refresh since the vapor will moisturize the hair for you helping revive limp hairstyles, and help reshape. This is also the perfect tool to use to stretch hair when shrinkage is not letting you be the best you can be!

Type 3 hair can expect similar benefits. The handheld steamer will help revive limp curls or hairstyles, reshape the hairstyles, detangle, and intensify treatments. I have type 3 hair, and use the Q-redew daily to keep the ends of my hair moisturized to avoid breakage and split ends. I also use it to detangle my hair before I refresh so I never have to wet my hair.

Type 2 hair can use the Q-redew for the same benefits, or you can use it to lift the roots when refreshing day 2+ hair for more volume. You can soften and reshape curls, and enhance your texture.

Steam is the perfect cure for frizz. After consistently using the Q-redew you will notice your hair moisture levels beginning to rise. Resulting in more shine and less to no frizz at all!

Definitely the best and most versatile purchase of my entire journey. Always has been worth every penny, and even two and a half years into my journey it is still my number one holy grail, I know it will be yours too!

Did I mention they even have a curly girl method combo?! The steamer and a copy of The Curly Girl Method Handbook by Lorraine Massey. What better way to start the curly girl method than with the Q-Redew?


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