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Everyone loves finding a new product or collection that their hair absolutely loves. Even more than that, everyone loves to share all they can about those “AMAZING/BOMB” products.

And I’m here to tell you…I am no different, haha!

Today, I want to share with you the newest collection from my favorite Ride or Die Brand, Inahsi Naturals! If you’ve been a long-time subscriber of mine (across all platforms, Facebook Group, Youtube Channel, Podcast, Instagram, Pinterest), then you know I absolutely adore Inahsi Naturals products and it’s the number one suggestion I always make. I love that they create products catered toward naturally textured hair (all hair that has some texture – waves, curls, coils, etc), but specifically, these products are formulated using Trichology (the science of hair and scalp) to ensure no matter the texture, this brand has a product for you!

If you checked out my review on their Pamper My Curls Collection, then you already know that I suggest that brand to anyone that has fine density hair because the leave-in mist is so unbelievably light and the gel is hard-hold giving longer-lasting hold throughout your wash and go. Let me not forget the slip is unmatched when it comes to Inahsi Naturals Products.

If you haven’t already, you can check out my Inahsi Naturals Pamper My Curls Collection Styling Tutorial on my Instagram Reels

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Oh! Don’t forget you can always save money purchasing Inahsi Naturals Products when you use the discount code: REDCARPETCURLS

Define & Shine Mango Papaya Curl Defining Custard

This Coconut oil-free styling custard will leave your curls moisturized, defined, and oh and the shine is out of this world. The panthenol along with the rich oils of avocado and sunflower seed oil help to strengthen and repair the hair.

The hydrolyzed oats will condition, moisturize, and deliver a beautiful shine to your curls. This gluten-free curl-defining custard provides a light to medium hold without leaving your curls flakey or a white residue.

This is honestly one of my favorite products to use during the wintertime, this custard just contains sooo much slip! The consistency is a bit on the thicker side, but when you start with pea-sized amounts to create a solid foundation of moisture on each section of the hair. In my opinion, it’s a perfect middle ground between a heavier leave-in conditioner and a curl defining cream.  I absolutely love using this as a primer for any hairstyle I’m doing

First Five Ingredient Breakdown:


Define & Shine Volumizing Styling Foam

This fragrance-free frizz-fighting natural styling foam will leave your curls defined, voluminous, and oh so shiny

The rice protein will help to repair the hair from wear and tear while restoring shine and plumping curls to give soft voluminous curls.

The baobab provides care from the damaging effects of heat, UV, and environmental exposure.  

This styling foam provides a soft to medium hold without leaving your curls flakey or a white residue.

It also can be used to smooth fly-aways and help to instantly define and hold curls in place.

This foam has made me a believer of foam for fine density hair! I loveee the plump and bounce I see from my curls after using the foam.

It’s especially useful for refresh days!

First Five Ingredient Breakdown: 

Define & Shine Liquid Styling Gel 


This lightweight fragrance-free liquid styling gel is just what your curls crave. 

This liquid styling gel will define your curls while adding shine and bounce to each strand.

This frizz-fighting liquid styling gel is specially formulated with quinoa protein which will help to improve color retention, conditioning, and protection, while the rice protein will repair your curls while leaving them soft, voluminous, and bouncy. 

This liquid styler provides a soft to medium hold without leaving your curls dry or crunchy.

I love using this gel especially during the humid summer days because it provides heat protection and frizz protection!

First Five Ingredient Breakdown: