Sally’s Beauty CG Safe Products List (Including Hyperlinks)

Sally Beauty offers 816 product options for naturally textured (wavy, curly, coily, kinky) hair. That is insanely overwhelming to decide upon in the store. Here is a list of all the curly girl method approved items available on the Sally Beauty website.

My Beautiful #RedCarpetCurlsRoyalty,

Nothing gave me nightmares at the beginning of my journey was reading product labels inside stores like Ulta, Sally Beauty, and more. I don’t know if it was just my natural anxiety or the rush of trying to spot all the bad ingredients to avoid while trying to remember the products I would see in the Facebook Group Albums. Many times, my cellphone reception failed me so I couldn’t even load the albums. When I would google cgm options in Walgreens, the same old products used to appear constantly. I needed a list of products I could choose from by category so I could get my wash day shopping done quickly and without so much anxiety.

So, since I couldn’t find that resource I decided to create it myself! I always told myself if I had the guts to create #RedCarpetCurls one day that I would provide you with the kind of resources I would have killed for when new to the #CurlyGirlMethod.

This comprehensive list includes all items available on the Sally Beauty website under the category of Textured Hair Product (816 products in total)  as of May 2019. Everyone follows different versions of the curly girl method. So, to even the playing field here is a definition of #CurlyGirlMethodApproved products. All Items listed below are free of sulfates, silicones(not including water-soluble silicones, I have made those respective notes on the side of the hyperlinks), and parabens. I have also included non-water-soluble waxes in there as well.

This list does point out if a product contains irritants like the Itchy M’s Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone. You will also find all items are under respective categories to make searching for products easier. All products contain their respective hyperlinks to make online shopping easier as well.

Please remember this product selection will vary per store. If you see any products in your local Sally Beauty that is #CurlyGirlMethodApproved and is not on this list make sure to comment below or send me a quick email so I can add it to the list and keep it as current as possible!


Deep Conditioning and Hair Masks:

Leave-in Conditioners:


Stylers/Curl Activators (Smoothies, Puddings, Styling Creams, Lotions, Hair Milk, Etc.):

Custards and Gels:


Co-washes (Rinse out conditioners can be used as co-washes as well!):

Edge Control/Extras:

Rinse-out Conditioners:



For your convenience remember to bookmark this page to your phone for later in-store use. Finally, as always, please remember to subscribe to the Red Carpet Curls website, so you don’t miss any future articles like this gem!



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